Sujith Ravi is a Research Scientist at Google. His main research interests span various problems and theory related to the fields of machine learning, large-scale structured prediction and natural language processing (NLP). He recently won the SIGKDD 2014 Best Research Paper Award. He is specifically interested in large-scale unsupervised and semi-supervised methods and their applications to structured prediction problems in NLP, information extraction, multi-modal learning for language/vision, user modeling in social media, graph optimization algorithms for summarizing noisy data, computational decipherment and computational advertising. Prior to joining Google, he spent a year at Yahoo! Research, Santa Clara working as a Research Scientist. He completed his PhD at University of Southern California/Information Sciences Institute in 2011 working with Prof. Kevin Knight. Professional Activities Co-Chair: NAACL HLT Workshops (2013) Co-Organizer: Second Joint NAACL/ICML Symposium on NLP and Machine Learning (NAACL/ICML 2013) MM - First Workshop on Multilingual Modeling (ACL 2012) Senior Program Committee Member: CIKM (2015) IJCAI (2011) Program Committee Member: NIPS (2014) ICML (2014, 2013) KDD (2015, 2014) AAAI (2014) WSDM (2015) ICWSM (2015) ACL (2015, 2014, 2013, 2012) EMNLP (2014, 2012) NAACL (2012) EACL (2012) IJCNLP (2011) BUCC - Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora (ACL 2015, LREC 2012, ACL 2011, LREC 2010) IEKA - Workshop on Information Extraction and Knowledge Acquisition (RANLP 2011) NAACL/HLT Student Research Workshop (2010) Journal/Conference Reviewer: NIPS 2014, ICML 2014, KDD 2014, AAAI 2014, ACL 2014, EMNLP 2014, ICML 2013, ACL 2013, ACL 2012, EMNLP 2012, NAACL 2012, EACL 2012, IEEE TKDE - Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (2012), Journal on Pattern Recognition (2011), IJCNLP (2011), AAAI (2011), ACL (2011), IJCAI (2011), ACM TIST - Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology Journal (2011), AMTA (2010), NAACL (2010), LREC (2010), ... NL Seminar: I was the organizer for the Natural Language Seminar series at ISI. Researchers, faculty, and students from ISI, as well as visiting researchers from other institutions, meet to present ideas, report on interesting experiments, and even give practice talks for upcoming conference meetings. Check out the NL seminar website for a list of upcoming (and past) talks.